About Us


Our Vision

To GREATLY impact all of our customers, vendors, and each other so that the love of God that was so graciously bestowed upon us can be felt by others through us.  


Our History

Steadfast was founded in 2016.  Its core management has over 30+ years of experience in their respective professional fields.  The roots of the company come from the owners father where only exemplary work ethics and morals were taught.  These work ethics and morals include determination, grit, attention to detail, dependability, responsibility, positive attitude, adaptability, growth mindset, honesty, integrity, loyalty, and professionalism.  The name was founded through the owners religious roots in Christianity.  The word steadfast resembles exactly what it takes in today's workforce with ever changing views and politics.  Steadfast means to be resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering.  Through not only work related challenges but also life's challenges the name Steadfast was a perfect fit.


Mission Statement

We are a company with a standard of quality above all others. We strive to leave our customers better than when we met them. We take pride in adding value to our customers livelihood. It is our passion to positively affect our customers, vendors, and each other throughout all of our endeavours. It is our mission to remain steadfast in those values, and to not let anyone or anything cause us to compromise.